PVC S-1300

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Technical data:
S-1300 PVC is mainly used in the manufacture of electrical insulating materials, thin films, artificial leather, all plastic sandals and profiles.
Supply specificationsWhite powder
Top productFirst GradeQualified product
Viscosity number/(mL/g)127~135
Number of impurity particles/个≤163080
Volatile matter (including water) mass fraction/%≤0.300.400.50
Apparent density/(g/mL)≥0.450.420.40
Sieve residue
               mass fraction/%
250μm Sieve≤
63μm Sieve≥959085
"The number of (A / eye;/400cm2)≤204090
100gPlasticizer absorption of resin/g≥262523
Whiteness(160℃,10min) / %≥787570
Water extract electrical conductivity/[μs/(cm.g)]≤55-
Residual vinyl chloride monomer content/(μg/g)≤51030